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When you have your horoscope cast, the astrologer asks exactly where you were born. This is done in order to establish a very precise picture of the planets and other astronomically relevant points in relationship to exactly where you are at your birth moment. After creating that picture, astrology pretty much concerns itself with the who, what and when of your life, while place kind of fades into the background.

What is of interest to geographical astrologers is the fact that far more than the place of one's birth is alive with energy at the moment of one's birth. More often than not, particularly in the modern world, one's birthplace is highly unlikely to encompass the totality of a life's journey. You may have been born in Brooklyn or a small town in Iowa, but your life and times may well transport you to Terre Haute or Timbuktu.

Astrology has always been capable of rendering the significance of specific places to an individual. Not really knowing where to focus though, except after the fact, has kind of made a search for potentially significant places a tedious low -yield proposition. Assisted by the technological magic of modern computer programming, though, the complexity of searching the whole earth is rendered less complex, and it turns out that astrology can be awfully helpful in creating not only life clocks, but life maps.

The premise here is that the earth is surrounded by a living cocoon of planetary energy that fluctuates continuously with the passage of time.
At one's birth moment, there are specific strands in this energy cocoon that are, with regard to specific places, particularly powerful. Theoretically these strands (as traced upon the earth and as imbued with their symbolic astrological import) should locate and describe the potential significant events over the course of a lifetime. There's more to it (isn't there always?), but the gist of it is that astrology should be helpful in answering questions regarding where one might find a job, or fall in love, or encounter a teacher, or build a home, or go to battle, and so forth.

So, you may well ask, is there anything beyond cosmic navel gazing here? Well, check out some of these examples:

Above is Florida in the natal map of Walt Disney. Virtually crisscrossing in Orlando are Neptune on the midheaven (fame from fantasy) and the asteroid Chiron (where we teach, but don't fully enjoy the benefits of our teaching...Disney never lived to see Walt Disney World open).

The North Node on the midheaven is the most explicit indicator of the worldly significance of one's life. Above is U.S. President John F. Kennedy's natal map focusing on Cuba. The node position invokes the significance of the Cuban Missile Crisis and a moment when the world was perched on a precipice of global annihilation. Following the line north, incidentally, takes it right through Washington, D.C.

Shown above is a remarkable convergence of Moon (home), Mars (conflict), and Uranus (sudden change) lines in the town of Liberal, Kansas. Liberal's not a very big place but it has one significant tourist attraction...a replica of Dorothy's House from the Wizard of Oz. Oh yes, the map is Judy Garland's.

Not only do the lives of the famous reflect something special going on here. Geopolitical and natural events also seem to be very much reflected in the geographical astrology maps.

Above, for example, is a map made for the exact time of the recent violent eruption of the Iceland volcano. Not only is Mars (violent energy) transiting over Iceland, the continuation of the Mars line towards Europe shows the exact path taken by the drifting ash cloud. The Mars line also crosses opposing Saturn (delay) and Uranus (technology) lines over England, where air traffic was stopped for the duration of the volcanic event.

Here again (above) one encounters the intensity of the Saturn and Uranus opposition in global affairs as their influence is charted right over the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico at the moment of the BP platform explosion and oil spill.

The examples are virtually endless, and in their totality incredibly compelling. People, enterprises, natural events and much more all seem to make their mark on the planet in very particular places. I'm not sure anyone can answer the "why" of it, but astrology for whatever reason seems very potent in its ability to render meaningful maps. 

So the question becomes: are you looking for some direction in your life...literally?

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